White Cap Home Improvements drywall patching and repair.  Hanging, taping, texturing and painting. We also remove walls to open up two rooms into one. Small pony walls are a very popular accent to a room to divide an area with out completely enclosing an area or room. We offer a wide range of services including shower stall recalking, faucet  and sink replacment, toilet repair and replacent, ceiling fan replacement and light fixture replacement  just to name a few. For a free estimate call or email.

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Why remove your old acoustic?​

For A More Modern Look .... To Brighten Up Your Home .. .. To Eliminate Falling White Specks .... For Ease In Cleaning .... Easier Painting ... To Alleviate Allergy Symptoms

Here are a few of the most popular textures and although we show just a few here we apply many more. Old plaster, knockdown, heavy splatter, skip trowel and medium splatter. Other popular textures are light, medium and heavy orange peel, South western Santa Fe, daub brush, swirl, skip trowel with sand. In addition we also smooth walls so if you want to go smooth with no texture we can help.

Texture falls into two categories: Hand texture and machine-applied texture. Remember: the heavier the texture pattern, the better it's hiding ability. That's important to know if your walls or ceilings have many surface imperfections. Most minor flaws can be floated out with joint compound. Some ceilings, however, really begin to sag between the studs over the years, and those problems can't be fixed without replacing the drywall. However, those kinds of flaws can be camouflaged by applying a heavier style of texture, saving you money. Another way to disguise the wavy appearance is to paint your ceilings in flat finish paint instead of semi-gloss. Since semi-gloss is shiny, light travels right across the surface, and the waves create shadows. Flat paint does not allow this to happen.


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